This is a bridge, a random, bourgeois bridge on South Maple Street in Hadley, MA.  This bridge was shot on mini DV every other day or two for one minute from the same place by the same person for just a little bit over a year.  What we see here is 1 second clips from about 155 days throughout the year.  Before and after those clips are sequences of that same bridge shot on super 8 film about one year prior.  This is an edited account of one person’s interaction with this specific space, a HIGHLY edited account.

    This bridge is meant to represent the idea that there is no such thing as an absolute truth on film or video and that everyday, or even every minute, something changes making the visual representation of it different from the representation before it and the one after it.  This bridge tells many stories.  It tells a story of itself.  It tells a story of the filmmaker and her interaction with the bridge.  For example, the footage shows, to some degree or another, habits of the filmmaker in that the time of day changes, the steadiness (or lack of) of her hands change, etc.

    Everything in this world is biased and comes from one perspective or another, including your own.  It is crucial as a viewer to be aware of this bias and take it into great consideration and contemplation.  When viewing media it could be helpful to ask yourself questions like: where is the microphone? what is the filmmaker’s relationship to the subject? what question did the interviewer ask (that was cut out of the final sequence) that made the subject respond in such a way? who is the intended audience? is this scripted? why did the film editor cut to another angle at that moment? how many cameras are there on this shoot?, etc.
“The South Maple Bridge”
Winter 2003 and January 2004 to February 2005